IBSA Pharma is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in their mission to treat patients. IBSA offers the following support material to medical professionals and their staffs:

Product Samples

To order samples of Tirosint-SOL, click the link below and follow the directions. Please note that any Sample Request Forms must be signed by a healthcare professional who is licensed to prescribe medication in the United States. In most cases, samples will be shipped within 3 business days after receipt of a fully completed Sample Request Form. There is a limit of 1 sample shipment per month, per licensed prescriber.

Patient information and copay savings

A variety of Tirosint-SOL patient support material is available for your practice including:

  • Patient brochure explaining hypothyroidism and Tirosint-SOL
  • Administration instructions
  • Copay Savings Card

You will automatically receive a quantity of patient support material when you order Tirosint-SOL samples. If you are interested in receiving only patient support material, please contact us at medinfo@ibsapharma.com.