There are three great ways to save on your Tirosint-SOL prescription. Depending on your individual circumstances, one may be better than the other. For patients with commercial health insurance who want to get their prescription at a retail pharmacy, the Tirosint-SOL Copay Savings Card may be the best option. For patients without commercial health insurance, patients with high copays/deductibles, the Tirosint Direct Program or Online Ordering may be best. To learn more about each option, read the information below:

Tirosint-SOL Copay Savings Card

You can use the Tirosint-SOL Copay Savings Card at any retail pharmacy to get instant savings on your Tirosint-SOL prescription. Nine out of 10 patients with commercial health insurance will pay as little as $25 for a month’s supply of Tirosint-SOL with the Tirosint-SOL Copay Savings Card14 (maximum benefit of $105).

Forgot your copay card? No problem. In many cases, your Tirosint-SOL copay savings will be applied automatically to your prescription cost whether or not you have your card with you.  For pharmacies where the Tirosint-SOL Copay Savings Card is not automatically applied to the cost of your Tirosint-SOL prescription, just download the coupon below and present it to your pharmacist.

New look, same great savings!

*Will honor existing coupon cards

Note: Patients participating in government healthcare programs (Medicare, Medicaid, VA/DOD) are not eligible to use the Tirosint-SOL copay savings program.

Tirosint Direct Program

Is your insurance company increasing your copay? Do you have a high insurance deductible for your medication or have no insurance? By using one of our participating Tirosint Direct Program mail-order pharmacies, you will get the best possible price for your medication regardless of insurance coverage.
Click here to learn more about the Tirosint Direct Program.