The Tirosint Direct Program provides your patients with the opportunity to purchase their Tirosint-SOL therapy at the lowest cash price available. The ordering process is fast and easy. You can send your prescriptions to one of the Tirosint Direct participating mail-order pharmacies either by e-prescribing or by fax.

Who can benefit from the Tirosint Direct Program?

Any patient who wants to save money on their Tirosint-SOL prescription can benefit from the Tirosint Direct Program. Patients without commercial insurance, those with high copays or deductibles, or who are paying cash for their prescriptions (including Medicare Part D patients paying cash) can purchase Tirosint-SOL at a significant discount compared to traditional retail pharmacies. Even patients with commercial health insurance can benefit from the program as their prescriptions can be dispensed using their insurance program or paid for with cash. In either case, customer service agents will advise patients as to which option will provide them with the lowest out-of-pocket cost for their prescription.

Advantages of the Tirosint Direct Program for your practice

The Tirosint Direct Program can save time for you and your office staff. Mail-order pharmacies participating in the program offer the following services:

  • Insurance verification and prior authorization assistance
  • Fast and accurate door-to-door delivery
  • Refill reminders for patients

Request a IBSA Sales Representative

You can request a Tirosint-SOL sales representative at

Tirosint Direct Pharmacies Include:


Ships to all 50 states

Toll free: 855-894-4441
Local: 601-268-6033

Sterling Logo

Ships to all 50 states and Puerto Rico.


Delta Logo

Ships to select US states


Also available thru TPS Transition Pharmacy. Go to