Tirosint-SOL is made in Switzerland to the highest quality standards. It is manufactured in a facility that is dedicated to its production, where no other products are made. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and provides you with additional peace of mind.7

Unique monodose ampules

Tirosint-SOL is delivered in patented monodose ampules for convenience and portability. More importantly, each ampule contains the exact dose of medicine that your doctor has prescribed.7

Color-coded cartons

Tirosint-SOL is available in 30-count cartons. Each carton contains 6 pouches with 5 ampules of Tirosint-SOL in each pouch (30 total doses). Each carton and ampule are color coded to help clearly identify the dosage strength of Tirosint-SOL.  There are 15 dosage strengths, so your doctor has the flexibility to prescribe the exact dose of Tirosint-SOL that is right for you.7

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